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Open Source Software and Sensor Design Project
Move our baseline software and sensor designs to the highest heights with perpetual improvements.

Cellphone Sensor Project
Most contemporary cellphones contain a three axis magnetometer. With the GeoCosmo cellular app installed they become a very powerful tool for earthquake forecasting. The app is architected to send one or two lightweight bursts of data per day for low data cost.

Work with us to move our app throughout the world. Our goal is to have one billion cellphone magnetometers in the most seismic regions of the world.

GeoCosmo Trekker Project
Become a Trekker and Install rugged GeoCosmo solar-powered fixed-sensors in remote areas!

GeoCosmo Research Centre in United Kingdom

To advance the education of the public in the subject of earthquake prediction in particular but not exclusively through the provision of seminars, workshops and sponsoring and undertaking research (where possible the useful results of such research will be published for the benefit of the public and to protect and preserve life through supporting the establishment and maintenance of an earthquake early warning system.

GeoCosmo Research Centre Ltd
Charity number 1112542

Bank name NATWEST
Sort code 60-10-14
Account number 87793199

Donating land, property or shares

You don’t have to pay tax on land, property or shares you donate to charity. This includes selling them for less than their market value..

You get tax relief on both:

  • Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax

You must keep records of the donation to show that you’ve made the gift or sale and that the charity has accepted it.

Income Tax relief

You can pay less Income Tax by deducting the value of your donation  from your total taxable income. Do this for the tax year (6 April to 5 April) in which you made the gift or sale to charity.

How to claim

If you complete a Self Assessment tax return, add the amount you’re claiming in the ‘Charitable giving’ section of the form. This will reduce your Self Assessment bill.

If you don’t complete a tax return, write to HM Revenue and Customs  (HMRC) with details of the gift or sale and your tax relief amount. You’ll either get a refund, or your tax code will be changed so you pay less Income Tax for that tax year.

Capital Gains Tax relief

You don’t have to pay Capital Gains Tax on land, property or shares you give to charity.

You may have to pay if you sell them for more than they cost you but less than their market value. Work out your gain using the amount the charity actually pays you, rather than the value of the asset.

Selling land, property or shares on behalf of a charity

When you offer a gift of land, property or shares, the charity may ask you to sell the gift on its behalf.

You can do this and still claim tax relief for the donation, but you must keep records of the gift and the charity’s request. Without them, you might have to pay Capital Gains Tax.

Tax relief when you donate to a charity


Donations by individuals to charity or to community amateur sports clubs (CASCs) are tax free. This is called tax relief.

The tax goes to you or the charity. How this works depends on whether you donate:

Through Gift Aid straight from your wages or pension through a Payroll Giving scheme

Land, property or shares in your will

This also applies to sole traders and partnerships. There are different rules for limited companies

If you want to donate to a sports club, check if it’s registered as a community amateur sports club. You can’t donate to a CASC through Payroll Giving.

Keeping records

You’ll need to keep a record of your donations if you want to take them off your total taxable income.  



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